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Working with AWS CodeDeploy

As usual when I make a breakthrough after bumping my head against the wall for a few days trying to get something to work, I hasten to write down my notes here so I can remember what I've done ;) In this case, the head-against-the-wall routine was caused by trying to get AWS CodeDeploy to work within the regular code deployment procedures that we have in place using Jenkins and Capistrano.

Here is the 30,000 foot view of how the deployment process works using a combination of Jenkins, Docker, Capistrano and AWS CodeDeploy:
Code gets pushed to GitHubJenkins deployment job fires off either automatically (for development environments, if so desired) or manuallyJenkins spins up a Docker container running Capistrano and passes it several environment variables such as GitHub repository URL and branch, target deployment directory, etc.The Capistrano Docker image is built beforehand and contains rake files that specify how the code it checks out from GitHub is supposed to be builtThe Capis…